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Massage from the President

Sekisui Jushi CAP-AI System Co.,Ltd was established as Digital Picking System manufacturer in 1990 and has been providing work support systems for making high efficiency at your ditribution site.
We will catch the change and trend of current of the times and continue to progress as a worldwide system manufacturer maximizing our accumulated know-how, communicaiting more and combining Human and Products and Information.

President  Toshihiko Nakano

Overview of the Company

Our campany is one of group and subsidiary companys of Sekisui Jushi Co.,Ltd and was established to commercialize our Digital Picking System("Pick-to-Light system"/"Acculight system").
Sekisui Jushi group is conducting business activities to contribute to social welfare and progress creating valuable products. Also we adhere closely to compliance.
We will provide most suitable system and make action with sincerity based on corporate morality.

Company Name Sekisuijushi CAP-AI System Co.,Ltd.
President Name President Toshihiko Yamada
Headquarters 3-2-3 Mandai-Mita Bldg.2F, Minato-Ku, 108-0073, Tokyo, Japan
TEL:+81-3-6400-5155 FAX:+81-3-6400-5157
Osaka office 2-21-25 Takadono, Asahi-Ku, 535-0031 Osaka, Japan
TEL:+81-6-6926-2105 FAX:+81-6-6926-2106
E-Mail Address
Capital 340,000,000 yen
Derivation of company name CAP means "Computer Aided Picking" and AI means "Artificial Intelligence".
Business Lineup We develop and produce and sale Digital Picking Sysetm("Pick-to-Light" / "Acculight") to support total Logistics System at your production and distribution site for KAIZEN.
Our systems have been introduced in many logistics and production site and evaluated high raitng at home and abroad.
Also we expand business of whole physical distribution system about warehousing, stock and production management and delivery operation. And we sale devices and equipments of conveyance and keeping and packaging too.
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