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"Acculight system" of supporting physical distribution site

An Acculight System is a work support system that provides high efficiency of Picking, Sorting at your distribution and production site for KAIZEN, We can provide most suitable system at any work site. We introduce the details of Acculight System at this page.

About Acculight System

An Acculight System is a work support system that can meet various needs, such as improving the efficiency of picking, sorting, and assembly operations, for products and parts in all fields. In addition to providing digital picking and digital sorting systems, an Aculight System provides original systems that meet the needs of the distribution site, while using existing shelves.

Picking Operation (Pick-to-Light system)

Picking Oparation (Pick-to-Light system)

1. Picking instructions are provided by Answer Kits (lamps and quantity display LEDs)


Picking Oparation (Pick-to-Light system)

2. The worker performs the picking operation quickly and accurately, without having to carry around a picking list.


Picking Oparation (Pick-to-Light system)

3. The worker presses a switch to report "completion" or "missing item" to the computer.

Sorting Operation (Put-to-Light system)

Sorting Operation (Put-to-Light system)

1. Sorting instructions are provided by Answer Kits (lamps and quantity display LEDs).


Sorting Operation (Put-to-Light system)

2. The worker performs the sorting operation quickly and accurately.


Sorting Operation (Put-to-Light system)

3. After all lights are out, the worker presses a switch to report "completion".

Comparison of before and after the introduction of the system


Conventional methods


Pickers have to read picking lists which is time consuming and may cause errors.


After introducing an Acculight System


"No picking lists"
No Picking lists necessary.


Pickers cannot use both hands which lowers productivity.


"Both hands free"
Picker can use both hands.


It is difficult for pickers to find part locations. You have to depend on skilled workers.


"Does not require a skilled veteran"
Picker do not have to rely on their memory to find a location. Even a beginner can pick with the highest efficiency and the shortest pick path.


It is difficult for pickers to find correct products. It sometimes requires product knowledge.


"No cross checking"
A picker does not have to rely on his or her product knowledge to pick the correct products.


It is difficult to change product lacations which is necessary due to sales frequency changes seasonal demand changes.


"asy location change"
Location change is a snap. You can just remove Answer Kits and attach them wherever you want to.

Question and Answer for Acculight System

What does "Acculight" mean?
The word "Acculight" is the coined word which joined "Acculate" to "Light".
What kind of location is Acculight System used in?
Acculight System is broadly utilized for picking and sorting of goods or parts in such as a distribution center of the warehouse and goods which are keeping goods and parts, or at production line in a factory, and at a delivery center of supermarket and convenience store.
If Acculight System is introduced, what kind of merit is there?
Acculight System can do picking work without using any lists, since the contents currently printed on lists can be displayed using the lamp and the display of a number which are carried at Answer-Kit. Therefore, the productivity and accuracy of work improves by leaps and bounds.
What kind of work can be performed using Acculight System?
>> Pick To Light
Pick To Light is the system which attaches Answer-Kit in the place where goods and parts are kept, and picks the target products without paper lists. Depend on the unit which works, order picking, batch picking, and total picking can be chosen arbitrarily, and can be applied. Storage of goods and parts and the form of conveyance can be chosen freely.

>> Put To Light
Put To Light is the system which attaches Answer-Kit in the place on which the box carried to a delivery-of-goods place is put, and sorting goods and parts in a box without paper lists. Generally, this system inputs the bar code of the goods which sorting, or parts with a scanner, and displays the quantity to a delivery-of-goods place which sorting on Answer-Kit.

>> Stocktaking support system
It is displaying the quantity of inventory of goods on Answer-Kit attached in the depositary of goods or parts, and can perform exact and quick stocktaking.

In addition to this, Acculight System can respond to various applications.
What is the feature of Acculight System?
-Answer-Kit is designed so that a lamp can be clearly seen from just beside and long distance. So a operator can distinguish easily the position where Answer-Kit is working. Also Answer-Kit carries the high-intensity LED lamp.
-The lamp of Answer-Kit is united with the button.
-Answer-Kit can be set per module and it can be installed not only with the existing equipment but also the new equipment. Also Answer-Kit can perform a move and a maintenance easily.
-The control specification of Acculight System is released for free. So, development of software is easy and linkage of software can also be performed easily.
How is the device of Acculight System connected?
The control computer and LinkBox are connected through LAN interface. And, Answer-Kit is connected with LinkBox using the original saving wiring system. Since the IP address is set to LinkBox, The control computer can control LinkBoxes in parallel.
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